Having access to an effective feedback mechanism is key to improving accountability in the maritime sector, and supporting adherence to Standard Operating Procedures during port calls, as well as for reporting and actioning incidents of corruption.

MACN Helpdesk Portal System (PortCallAssist) is a web-based solution developed to serve as a feedback mechanism for users of the Nigerian seaports and terminals, where they are able to give positive and/or negative feedback which the Portal channels to responsible parties. Positive feedback is generated when this desk assists users' navigate processes successfully and negative feedback comes from raising grievances that need to be resolved. Those giving feedback to regulatory authorities via the system will be able to track their call status and any issues raised, all the way to final resolution. This toolkit for Ports Users enables easy entry of issues, while also generating reports and analytics that would assist stakeholders push for greater effectiveness and efficiency of the application of Standard Operating Procedures.

PortCallAssist has the following advantages:
  • It is a user-friendly system.
  • Allows the Helpdesk manager lodge incoming complaints in a record time.
  • Ability of complainants to track status of their complaints, and
  • Ability of a robust feedback subsystem.



Port Call Feedback Processes
Step 1: Visit the PortCallAssist Portal via www.cbinigeria.com/portcallassist.
Step 3: A preliminary assessment is conducted on the submitted feedback to ascertain what kind of intervention/resolution best fits. Feedback/updates would be provided on PortCallAssist regularly for access, using the Unique Case File Number assigned to the feedback.
Step 2: Complete the Feedback Form and submit online. Non-MACN members can also complete the Feedback Form after filling and sending their details through the non-MACN member form.
Step 4: Based on preliminary assessments/investigations by appropriate authorities, a resolution is reached and conclusions/recommendations made.