About Us
The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) is a global business network working towards the vision of a maritime industry free of corruption that enables fair trade to the benefit of society at large. Established in 2011 by a small group of committed maritime companies, MACN has grown to include over 100 members globally representing members who own or manage over 8,000 ships and operate more than 25 percent of the total global tonnage in the maritime industry. Since its inception, MACN has become one of the preeminent examples of an industry-led collective action network.

The Convention on Business Integrity (CBi) was established in 1997 with the mission of promoting ethical business practices, transparency and fair competition in the private and public sectors. Over the years the Convention has continued to gain support and followers in West Africa and recognised globally as a very innovative and positive contributor from Africa to global best practices relating to the promotion of good governance– at the governmental level and vis-à-vis the private sector.